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i submitted fer this one 12JAN04 ->

vacantlegend 2003-05-30 Save Yourself a Kitten Content: I just couldn’t get into most of your writing. You tend to babble a lot, which can get a little boring. A good thing about you thought is that you have a good sense of humour, I liked that a lot. I mean, anyone could just take a look at your layout and crack up.[24/30] Updates: Miss a few days and some multiples.[9/10] Errors: Nothing. [10/10] Layout/Design: Aww…the picture in you layout is just so cute! Its kind of cruel, but really, really cute. I didn’t like that much the colours in the menu nor the font type though, its looks sort of… messy. [26/30] Pet Peeves: The menu, lack of capital letters, bad punctuation, lots of abbreviations and slang. Eg: “nitenite fer nows!”[1/5] Contact: Book, notes, mail. Good enough. [10/10] Returning: Who knows? [3/5] Comments: I find it weird that you say most people have “bad spiritual connections” with God and then say that you find what’s written on the Satanist bible adjusts more to your own beliefs. (???) Favourite Entries: I guess the “About Me” stuff. Favourite Quotes: “But, in case you were wondering, im not vey religious. I have a belief system.. then it jus kinda sits there. I mean, if you were told to do something morally wrong, would you think out your entire moral-system? No.. youd just decline or accept in whatever fashion you pre-chose. And so yea...." Okay. Opinion Score: [83/100] Reviewed by: Gaby

9:50 a.m. || 2003-05-18~ save yourself a kitten *

//first look - 'hoy! all black and turquoise! and cluttered too but that's not the point! {2/3}

//layout - colours already there. you might want to get rid of the picture of the bottom as the link is already at the top, just put "go here first" because it's kind of offensive to kitty-lovers and some other, including me ^^;; made it yourself though, always good. {4/5}

//content - a nice style of writing, however, frequent spelling mistakes. i won't take marks off because you intentionally do that. and heh, i took the diary you wanted to review! ^-^ sorry... that's mumpo to you. {5/5}

//bonus - lots, listed on both the start page and the side. extra points for late review. {7/4}

//before i go - i like it! nice writing, okay layout... i'll come back! {2/3}

//total - {19/20} {95%} reviewed by pm265

Save Yourself a Kitten

Content: Slang and typos again!! I've mentioned this a lot lately during reviews...your entries would be so much better if you cut out the slang and proofread for typos. At times I got confused about what you meant because of weird typos; I 'd read a sentence then realize at the end that you'd meant to say something completely different from what I had thought it was. I'm sorry, but I thought you were a girl when I started reading. I only realized you're a guy after reading your bio and cast. I thought that at first because of the neon pink, but also because of your style of writing. You seem a lot younger than you are and use the middle school "girly" expression like "omg!" and making words sound cute by writing "stuffies" instead of stuff. It's ok to do that occasionally but every few words gets painful to read. It's sad because it seemed like some of your entries had good content in them, I just couldn't understand them. =0/ One last thing, I found your cast page very confusing because there were so many names on there. I gave up trying to read all of it, because it consisted of girls who you had crushes on at one time or guys you were mad at. I suggest just putting a few essential people on there; a cast page is really supposed to help your readers figure out who's who in your entries. I liked some of your entries, but mainly couldn't understand them, so was bored. (10/40)

Layout: Your layout was extremely cluttered. You need to have the image outside the scroll bar. It's easy to do that, just create a new cell above the scrollable part and put the image in there. Having to scroll down the picture every time I read another entry was so annoying. I didn't find the picture funny the first time, though even if I had I would've gotten tired of looking at it every time I scrolled down. Also, your entries were hard to read because of the color of the font and all the clutter you have in that scroll box. That neon pink hurt my eyes and made everything garish and painful to read. Having the navigation at the bottom is a bad idea because then your readers have to scroll down through everything else just to find something. Also the way everything was organized was....not organized. I hated how all your links kept going on and on down the scroll box. I suggest taking the navigation items out of the scroll box and put them somewhere where they can be found easily. Finally I didn't like how the links had weird writing on them like..ringz and n0tes...I think it was supposed to be funny, but after scrolling down all that way it just wasn't. I do like how you wrote the date though, with the @ sign, it looked cute at the top. I suggest starting your layout over, maybe check out beautify for some ideas or just get a new one from there. (2/20)

Emotions: You showed some emotion in your entries, but, again, I couldn't understand how you were really feeling because of all the slang. It does seem like you use your diary to vent, but all the typos made others unable to read about your feelings. You tend to try to talk about how your feeling and put things like, "I'm bored, " but I didn't feel like I could relate to how you were feeling and got bored by your boredom. (5/20)

Extras: Yeah, you've got a bunch, though they were hard to find through all the clutter. (12/10)

Link: Yup, it's there and it works. However, I don't like how all the links are way at the bottom where you have to scroll all the way down to see them, so I'm taking a point off. (4/5)

Contact: Diaryland and guestbook (5/5)

Total: (38/100)


Favorite Entry: I didn't have a favorite

Favorite Quote:Jordan was breif, cuz he has the link, he can read my day instead of asking me to recall.. prolly saves alot of tyme :) I don't know why but that line made me's funny that one of your friends would read your diary instead of talking to you...oh and if you added an "h" to "tyme" you'd have a type of herb. =0P

Comments: I really suggest changing the layout and working on the slang. I found your ideas on religion (on your bio page) interesting, because they're similar to mine.

Reviewed by: Nicola

~Save yourself a kitten *Layout 2/20:

I hate this fucking layout.

I hate the picture, I hate the saying 'Every time you masturbate God kills a kitten." I hate the colors black and pink when you have green in your picture.

I hate your older page even more. And I really hate your fucking guestbook.

Links/Organization 2/10:

I hate your organization. I hate that all the links are in the entry scroll box. I hate your extras shit above your entry, I hate your other shit (reviews, guestbook, rings) below your entry.

Contact 3/5:

Email, Guestbook, Notes.

Errors 3/10:

The whole fucking diary is one big error. See content.

Updates 3/5:

You just started this May 4th. How the fuck can I review based on that? You'll regret asking for this review, trust me, if you don't already.

Content 0/30:

I hate how you use $ for S in your links. I hate your internet slang. I hate how you abbreviate shit. I hate how fucking immature you are, and yet you're in the Navy. That fucking scares me. I hate how you don't capitalize anything, or use punctuation.

Your entries are downright pathetic. You write about nothing, so there's nothing to review. You even title your entries pointless, so why should I bother? You put no effort into your diary, so I'm putting no effort into this review.

Bonus 5/10:

About, rings, cast, surveys, pics.

Will I Return? 0/10:

Fuck that.

Total Score: 18/100

You belong in The Nasty.

So says The Bitch.

I got reviewd...

Im gonna go think about this. fiendbynite was totally more shitty than this diary, and it got a 99/100 ... this confuses me. Yes, confusion, true confusion.. not any confuzlation ....

But, i think im understanding more about me..

i actually dont like the layout either... but it was what i knew how to do. i wanted a layout that someone using a 640x400 could use easy *dwights laptop fer instance* .... i hav so many cooler layouts... i think im gonna have dwight take me home. Im gonna fix this bizNtch! :)




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