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My opinions change daily, so plz dont be too mad if i was 'grr' at you on this...
~~~If I forgot you, im really sorry, jus tell me and youll be added!!~~~
***UPDATED: 20041122 ~ 11/22/2004 ***

JILL: Shes the girl who fucked my life up. well, i fucked things up, but she certainly did help things along. im not even gonna get into that whole thing here, theres plenty of entry on it. needless to say, shes in Sac and someday ....

JEFF/FFEJ: one'a my best'est friends since i was little, he joined the MArines and is in Hawaii right now

JORDAN/ELY: one'a my best'est friends since i was little, he joined Navy, as a Seabee, and is in Port Hueneme, or deplyed somewhere.

KIEL: one;a my best'est friends, we knew all the same people, but hadnt started hanging out till my sophomore year in highskoo. hes still in Sac; he also happens to be jills adopted cousin/brother person.

GEORGIE: a friend from back at corry station, hes in San Diego now on the Nimitz. we hang out alot, im not sure why.

LAUREN: she was my girlfriend, twice. i only mention her because of that. and cuz she was proof that i dont want a long-distance relationship.

MOM: she my mom, only not. shes really my aunt, but she raised me, and iv called her mom all my life. im not stopping now. my real mom will be called something like "real mom" or "mom ruth"

GRAN: my granma, and also the coolest person alive. watch requiem for a dream, and you'll know why i always cry at the end.

DAD/ROSA: my rela dad, and his 'new' wife of 10 or so years, live in TX. they have a son n daughter together

Jessica: the coolest girl i kno. no one has even a slight chance to beat her out of that spot. prolly cuz shes my little sister. shes only 1/2 tho, on my dads side ^^ see above

LUCAS/TIMMY: lucas is my little 1/2 bro from my dads side, timmy is my little 1/2 bro from my moms side. i think timmy could beat lucas up, but lucas is prolly smarter *lol*

RICKY: my other half brother, from my dads side, but with a woman thats now in west virginia i think??? .. he got in some trouble, and got the choice "Army or Jail" .. he took the harder choice and joined, hes in germany now i think.

JOHNS: a homie from bootcamp that came with me to corry, hes in denver now, but i wish he wasnt. hes smarter than me.

RTC: Recruit Training Command, bootcamp.. its not a person but fuck you, people are there

CORRY STATION: that was A-School... i learned alot, forgot alot, then forgot more. P-cola fer life yo ~

USS NIMITZ: my first ship. life was hard, you could clean any one thing for hours and not be done, and then i got transferred

USS RONALD REAGAN: stayed here for almost a month. everybodys so snooty n richy-like.. they dont havta clean there, the ship is new.. but they do anyways. losers.

USS BUNKER HILL: my new ship. no girls here. at first i thought it was gonna suck, but no... i can understand why there was so much resistance in letting girls join. i think im gonna like it here.

Oh, before i start, alot of these people hav DLand diarys... ok, well, like 10 or so do, and so of my profile theyll be linked... or they wont?

Also, Im going to put people in BOLD who are repeated alot... unlike some people that i dont talk to anymore or jus met, etc...

The Family: its a tightly knit yet loosely organized group of friends, weve all known each other.. Jordan was at the center the 'mom' and by his definition it was me, him, jeff, kiel ,n travis... but alot of ppl now claim membership, cuz there was a 'story-book family' i wrote out last year that wa,s like 40 people long... its grown since then...? i dunno really, im one'a the main ppl, but im totally not-in-charge *directly*

Ali: met her thru DLand, she nice, but doesnt like me n will never meet me.. i liked her for awhile

Alidia: went out wit jeff fer dayz, i liked her a lil over summer, but shes dumb, and recently she cheated on jeff after getting back together wit him

Alyssa: Dwights sister, shes cute, i wanted her, and she instead is going out wit Keck

Anthony: jeffs friend, they met somewhere, and they hang out alot n go to game

April: Jordans wife, whos cheating on him constantly while hes away... too bad

Ashley: liked her since 8th grade, got dissed n dismissed after graduation, has a sis Hannah and bro Gabe

Brain Beeman: some crazy stoner, does all sorts of crazy shit and owns a paintball gun

Brie: Jordans ex-g/f , i liked her kinda, but she moved to marysville, and is gone, but the family is trying to bring her back to jordan for a happily-ever-after thing

Casey: Jordan i think first met her, shes some weird slut, i thankfully dont kno her well

Christina: Dwight introduced us about a week ago, shes cute, she likes me.. then, 3/8-03, she became my g/f, but then she un-b/f'd me ... her loss

Christiana: same as 'Ali'

CJ: some fool jeff knew, stole Jill *kinda* and hurt Alyssa, and has bein the bane of my existance...

Dad: my dad lives in texas, i havnt seen him for years, i spent a breif tyme with him when i was 6'ish but moved back to CA

Dan: some faggot indian i set Jill up with, shes still with, and im constantly regretting, altho as a person., hes -okay-

Danni: shannon lil sis, shes cute, but taken knew Jordan, iv seen her, maby 6 tymes ever

Darrel: Jills first b/f, before me even! hes okay, but im still kinda un-liking him

Dawn: Lacey's cute friend, shes very very sweet, but shes in MO which sux

Dominique: cute girl i went to prom with, shes taken now, was un-interested then.. but we look great in the pics together!

Dwight: Jeffs friend since ~forever~ i met him in 5th grade, re-met las fall, and were pretty close friends

Emma: cute girl i met thru DLand, she says me likes me.. but, im not really a priority or anything... ?

Ely: Jordans other name, since Ely is the one were all friends with.. Jordan is kinda boring.. Ely agrees :P

Ffej: jeffs alter-ego, he uses it when hes doing something stupid, but thinks hes cool

Gabby: a cute chick i liked las summer, but im a complete fuck-up.. so yeah, nothing really happend... she introduced me to ALkaline Trio tho, so shes super-coolies

Gabe: Ashley n Hannahs bro, jordan knew him, he a lumberjack now i think?

Gran: my granma, lives wit me, known her forever...

Granpa: my granpa, hes cool, was a marine...?

Granma Darlene: she died, i was informed while playing DnD .. she died about three years ago.. i miss her , but she was mean to me alot...

Hannah: Ashleys very hot lil sister, i wanted her too, but it wasnt really a main goal since she was way too hot fer me

Jaycee: a hot chick form college that was, like 22 or 23, and if it werent fer my lame'ness and my going out w/ Jennifer, then it would have bein her :D

Janene: Jill n Kiel aunt/mom/adoption/guardian/person ... shes a crazy bitch, but very fun to mess with..

Jeff: known since 5th grade, we were friends ever since.. recently hes bein hanging out wit friends who arent me, hes going into the marines around the same tyme i leave

Jenifa: her real name is jennifer, but i met her on DLand after the ex-g/f jennifer, and this is a cute nickname she had :D shes very coolies!

Jennifer: my g/f for about 1 1/2 months... she was cute, funny, cuddly, and very distrustful.. then jill came back, and that was the end

Jill: she has an entire entry, actually she has Two! ... ~The Jill Entry ... yeah, its a long story.

Jordan: see ely, knew Jordan in 3rd grade, re-met in 7th

Joan: Granpa married her about a year after Granma Darlene died... shes cool i guess

JQ: kecks friend, hes okay, but after a drinking incident i cant really stand his sister or his house

Keck: met junior year, were friends, altho theres alot of strife because of drinking n Alyssa...

Kiel: one of the original four, jordan n jeff being the others.. hes evil, deceitful, and an awful person, but also a good friend...?

Lacey: known her since.. well.. years, i wanted her, shes cute, but shes very underage and far away Missouri (MO)

Lauren: i met her after christina un-b/f'd me, and shes the most beautiful, sweet, cuddly, and all around perfect girl for me. i even got to be her b/f for about a week! ...but she hates me now

Laura: kiels ex-g/f who is crazy, but he fucked her up in da head too.. i feel ad fer kinda kinda, cuz shes also hella fun n nice sometymes?

Lance: some crazy punk-rocker, friends with The Family, but not really in as a friend

Leslie: one of the finest 14 yr olds.. got to be her b/f fer about a week, then she stoppd liking me cuz of the age-difference

Leik: kiels name he uses on all his characters n shit

Llama: kiels name dwight gave him thats used pretty often nowadays

Lilly/Piper: kiels ex-g/f who was/is an icky slut, altho kiel seems to think she was clean before him? *she wasnt*

Lonny: some crackhead laura knows and laura decided to go out wit?

Mandy: a very hot chick Dwight wants.. i hope things work out

Marilyn: a girl from skoo, knows ppl, no one really important to the plotline tho

Matt: knows anthony, is in the same crowd as anthony

Marie W: i met her in french, liked her, but it didnt go anywhere... i felt bad kinda

Melissa: Travis's g/f or something.. kiel did her tho and the family kinda came apart..

Michelle: Dwights love-interest that causes him much un-fun .. and now shes back! Eeep! .. even tho i liked her first :P but nothing happend, lucky me?

Mom: actually my aunt, she was cool, but then got really messed-up in da head my her ex-husband, and is now evil-psycho-bitch

Mom Ruth: my real mom, who lives far away.. shes cool tho :)

Morgan: Casey lil sis, same deal tho.. icky

Natalie: kiels current g/f, who is under kiels evil'ness and actually came back to him after he cheated on her?

Rosemary: Natalie's older sis i liked fer about two weeks.. but shes hella mean.. so...?

Sarah: knows anthony, is in the same crowd as anthony, liked jeff awhile, liked me maby? but shes cool

Sara: liked since freshman year, but shes very crazy, so whatever.. shes gone now

Samantha: cute freshman who has rainbow-pants like myne...

Seraphina: met online, shes cool, but she went somewhere far away.. i want to meet her, but even her real-home is far away

Shannon: Danni's older sis, shes cool jus the same

Shiloe: knows anthony, is in the same crowd as anthony

Stuie: knows anthony, is in the same crowd as anthony; hes coolies tho

Stan: married my real-mom ruth... hes cool, and a physics-person

Tara: I girl i met thats in New Jersey.. shes hot, short, sweet, and into cars!! irresistable!

Travis: known since middle-skoo... deeply rooted past in the group..

Tina: Jordans sister, who was kinda mean when we were, like 13.. but now shes hella cool, she deserves so much better in life.. literally one of the nicest people i know. *except if you piss her off, then she'll r0x on you!*

Tim: a kinda new addition, hes a really cool NPC

Vodkeezer: its a funny nickname for Vodka, which hashelped and hurt me in ways i couldnt hav ever done on my own.. but i still love it! :D

Weast: knows keck, weast is kinda fscked up, and dumb, but hes still pretty okay

Zac Loveless: a really coolies person i used to hangout with alot in highschool.. i miss lunchtyme kinda.. *sigh*

Zeke: a Lacey-fanboy who annoys me.. hes dumb, but i guess overall hes okay? never cared to get to kno him

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