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}{ ~ABOUT ME!! }{


This updates, my stuff changes sometymes.. go figure?

***UPDATED: 20041122 ~ 11/22/2004 ~ 22NOV04 ***

To begin, the stuff at the bottom, in italics, is quite old. like, really old. the stuff up top in normal is new'ish .. itll become old eventually. ill date everything from here on jus in case your confuzled. :P

UPDATED 20041122 ~ 11/22/2004 ~ 22NOV04

im not even gonna bother with all that stuff down there. read it if you like, but as you can see its bein ages since this was updated.

to begin, the basics:
im 20. im a guy. i live in San Diego, but im from Sacramento. those are both in California, USA.
Im in the Navy. Im on a ship, USS Bunker Hill. i kindaike my job, i kinda hate it. im about to leave on a 6 month deployment.

I have friends. some of them even enjoy my company.

Im kinda crazy. i dont kno if its jus a bunch of lil quirks or if i need help. i dont care tho :D i manage. actually, even tho i mke it seem like my life sucks, i really do hav fun. i guess thats what matters, right?

i jus made a new template. before that i had 'kittens' ... my new template has alot of 'advanced' script that i stole from a bunch of other sites source code. i dont care, its myne now biotch! yea, put that on your cracker and eat it~!


maybe sometime in the future ill do another one'a those like/dislike about me survey things. not now tho.

if you have qustions, be sure to ask. i like attention.

!~ 08MAR04 ~!

~ stuff I want...

1. the warrior-stang ... oooh
2. a new, yet good Alkaline Trio CD to come out
3. see alkaine trio in concert
4. all sorts of cool computer digital video camera n stuff stuff
5. a house of 19th strret in santa cruz overlooking the ocean
stuff about me u may not know...
1. i wear shorts over my underpants, always
2. i have a bit of an oral complex, hence the thrill of the 75% gumball
3. however crazy i get, i usually end up being the more stable of friends in a group
4. i hate being alone.
5. i play the guitar, poorly; and iv always wanted to be famous - kinda
I'm scared of...
1. pain
2. evil zombies eating the future of mankind; or just that there is no point to any of this.
3. bugs n shit
4. being un-loved fer the rest of my life
5. not reaching my potencial, and/or my true destiny
I dream of...
1. that perfect girl
2. living the perfect life with that perfect girl
3. seeing the world
4. owning a whole bunch of cool stuff, like a ship, and being a pirate :)
5. time travel ~!
my favourite...
Movie - South Park, Requiem for a dream, legend? .. um maybe more?
Show - Star Trek : TNG ... iv seen every episode
Food - Sushi, cherry icecream, mongolian BBQ, sweet-n-sour pork, orange chicken
Drink - Faygo, Vodka
Color - Red, Black, Silver, Blue
~ stuff I do that annoys people...
1. i keep talking long after i had anything worth saying
2. im loud and obnoxious
3. skip, and/or prance
4. instead of driving like a walk, but faster.. i drive like a rollercoaster, but faster....
5. i obsess over girls, which usually seems to irritate the girl, and those who i complain about her to ~

!~ 23NOV03 ~!

1. When was the 1st time u remember crying? .. hmm, i think when i crack my head open jumping on the bed.. or when i was dropped off at kindergarten the first time ...

2. What time do u wake up in the morning? 0544, to alkaline trio, slipknot, or maby somethin new this week?

3. Gold/silver? Platinum, or titanium

4. What was the last film u saw at the cinema? i honestly dont remember, it was in bootcamp

5. Fave tv show? Star Trek, TNG, or InuYasha

6. What do u have for breakfast? two biscuits n bravy, hash browns, and a donut w/ choclate milk.

7. Who would u like to be left in a room with? oh lord, a bunch of people.. it depends on how much privacy i could get in that room ;)

8. Can u touch your nose with your tongue? I Wish!!

9. What are u most afraid of? Zombies! or girls .. same difference

10. What inspires u? lotsa stuff, but mainly challenge..

11. Whats your middle name? Michael

12. City, beach or country? City!

13. Summer or winter? Um.. neither? ..Winter

14. Buttered, plain or salted popcorn? buttered and salted, duh?

15. Fave car? My Mustang back home

16. Fave sandwich filling? PBJ, Peanut Butter & Jelly (its peanut-butter-jelly tyme!)

17. Fave type of music? Rock?

18.Fave past-time? Being a Social Butterfly

19. What characteristics do you despise? lame'ness, no-conversation-skillz, unfounded arrogance .. um... a funky smell?

20.Fave Flower? Rose i guess?

21. If u had a big win in the lottery, how would u wanna spend it all? a bunch into savings, and a nice house and a cool car ... and of course some charity and give some to friends

22. Do u wear pajamas? Im wearing them right now ... at the library on-base.. *lol*

23. What colour are your eyes? Hazel, grey, green, .. depends on who you ask? many keys are on ur key rings? Two keys are on my dogtag-chain, room key and locker key?

25. How many doors are there? to what? one to the lounge, one to my room, one to the head??

26. What is your fave day of the week? friday or saturday

28. red or white wine? Vodka.

29. what did you do for your last birthday? 19 eight-counts (i was in bootcamp)

30. Do you carry a donor card? nope

31. Say something nice about the person who sent this to you...? well, she didnt send it, i took it off her site, but .. she sounds cute?

32. Who do you least expect to send this back to you? im not sending it, but if i was to recieve this somehow, id except to see it from Dawn or Ash ..

34.what book are you reading now? BMR .. lame

35.what's ur favourite board game? Risk, monoploy, battleship ..chess :D

36.Favourite magazine? I havnt decided

37.Favourite smells? Vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, Right-Guard Power-Strip 'Chill'

38.Comfort food? choclate milk, or cherry ice cream

39.Favorite sound? that lil squeak jill made when i...... you dont need to kno this.

40.Worst feeling in the world?Loneliness ..

41.What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? try to motivate myself to move, then i get ready.. i dont really think till 0630'ish

42.Favorite fast food place? Carls Jr

43,Future child's name? i want to name one Ziku, but that prolly wont happen

44. finish this statement. "IF I HAVE A LOT OF MONEY, ........" id fund research for timetravel ...

45.u drive fast? of course!!

46. do you sleep with stuffed animals? no, not anymore

48.What would be your first car? it was a 93' Ford Mustang ... a very jacked-up one might i add...

49.Favourite drink? Vodka and red-punch

50. finish this statement, "IF I HAD THE TIME, ....." Id go back home ...

51.Do you eat stems of broccoli? broccoli is so fucking gross.. what the fuck is wrong with people??

52. if you could dye your hair any color, what color would you choose? pink highlights!! or maby raven-black

55. what is under your bed? maby some dust?

56.Have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend? Nope. Call now, position still availible!! - (916)521-5422 -

57. when's your birthday? August 29th, 1984

58. best friend? Dwiz, Ely, Ffej, Keck, Alyssa. ... and Me.

59. what wouldn't you want people knowing about you? Oh yeah, likeim gonna type it here, now, right??

60. Siblings? half bro n half-sis from my dad's side, a half-bro from the marriage before that from my dads side, and half-bro from my moms side, and a brother-cousin thing from my aunt/legal guardian. Im the oldest.

61. ever been in love? Yes. I dont recommend it.

62.Do you find this quiz boring? I'l; defer this question to my readers .. is this quiz boring?? email, call, somethin'??


first, a survey i dont like having to update... its from March 2003

then theres the stuff i like / dislike part.. that updates often, and is fairly general...

All this stuff is useless info for ppl who for some reason wanna kill tyme, with 'me' as there focus?

1. First name: Jonathan

2. Middle name: Michael

3. Last name: Giacomelli

4. Nickname(s): JonNy G, Jon, Boston Red, nearly-normal-jonathan *altho the las two are old* Futey *inside-joke*

5. Screen name(s): Yahoo!:nearlynormal_jonathan AOL:VulpineBlaze

6. Gender: Male

7. Age: 18

8. Type of Music: Rock, Techno, and a lil of everything else

9. Birthdate: August 29th

10. Birthplace: Virginia

11. Zodiac sign: Virgo

12. Current Location: Sacramento, Cali

13. Live with: Mom & Gran

14. Name of current school: n/a

15. Grade/Year: n/a, 13th

16. Graduation date/year: 2002

17. GPA: 3.0

18. Height: 6'2

19. Hair color: dark brown

20. Highlights/dyed: n/a

21. Hair length: almost gone.. had it cut.. Not-BumStyle

22. Eye color: Gray

23. Contacts/glasses: Glasses, sometymes

24. Freckles: None

25. Birthmark(s): none

26. Scar(s): on my knees

27. Type(s) of clothes you wear: Err... anyting from Professional wear, to BumStyle-ish Malkavian 80's ..

28. Cologne/Perfume you wear: only right-guard deoderant

29. Deodorant you use: Right Guard

30. Mom's name: Ruth

31. Dad's name: Tom

33. Closest family member: Um.. Gran?

34. Family member you could live without: All of the Above.

35. Last family member you've seen: Gran

36. Oldest: Im the oldest sibling, great granma margaret is the oldest Giacomelli *i think?*

37. Youngest: my lil brother, either fat-kid or Lucas

38. Family member who lives the farthest away: the East-Coast family

39. Fondest memory: that day me n jill were together, alone, and all she wore was my 'sac state' shirt; or that tyme on janene's bed right before jills recitals and she was wearing this blue dress...

40. Memory you miss the most: Being truly happy ... *more with-jill occasions*

41. Family member you wish the mafia would kill: fat-kid

42. Memory you wish you had: If i could remember what actually happend during those months in therapy?

Daily DOODOO's

43. What you did yesterday: sat in my own misery alot, but realized Lauren cares n doesnt hate me, then went with kiel on his paper route

44. What you did so far today: woke up, had a day kinda, and im now re-do'ing some stuff

45. Last person you talked to on the phone: Lauren, who is so awesome i cant even imagine

46. Last person you talked to online: thru AIM

47. Last movie you've seen: i think it was some TV-movie i cant remember

48. Last song you heard on the radio: somethin dumb in which i didnt kno the name

49. Last CD you played: My Techno-CD

50. Last thing you said out loud: I was talking to lauren, i told her id miss her...

51. Last time you showered: this morning

52. Last book you read: Aprils diary ...

54. Last time you sang: not sure...?

55. Last time you danced: Um.. awhile, prolly to missy elliot

56. Last thing you ate/drank: Smoothie n Beef Bologna

Believe it or Not

57. Aliens: Duh

58. Angels: Prolly

59. Demons: Too Often

60. Heaven & Hell: I hope not!

61. God: DM, The Great Engineer, Yes.

62. Your friends: yes, duh


64. Best friend: Um. Myself

65. Last friend you talked to: Lauren

66. Funniest: Keck

67. Silliest: Keck

68. Loudest: Keck, or jeff

70. Stupidest: Jeff, kiel, keck .. most?

71. Sweetest: Becky, or Dwight

72. Weirdest: keck

73. Best at keeping secrets: Me. flat out Me.

74. Most hyper: Keck, or me?

75. Most annoying: Keck, jeff, or me

76. Friend you miss most: Becky, Lacey, and Jill *the jill i knew 2 years ago*

77. Friend you've known the longest: Jordan or Jeff

78. Friend you haven't known long: Keck, and a thousand others

Word Association

79. Bill Clinton: sex

80. Lollipops: sex, little girls

81. Whipped Cream: sex, and foreplay

82. Dreams: violence, sex, and dread-of-waking-up

83. Love: huggles, cuddles, makeout, and sex

84. South Park: LOL!

85. Guys: Icky! kill, conpetition..

86. Girls: cute, sex, i want

87. Death: eventually

88. Bubble gum: Mmm..

89. Water: ick

90. Ice Cream: cold

91. Oil: leaking Tranny *Grr!*

92. Phone: Cell, 8212392

93. Food: yes plz

94, Kiss: yes plz

95. Pretzels: Mmm..

96. Britney Spears: ick, sex

97. School: icky! icky! boring, lameness

98. Floppy: 21 inch double dong

99. Shoes: boots, air force ones

Have you ever

100. Been on a plane: Yes, often

101. Cried in public: Yes, but i didnt want to

102. Climbed a tree: Yes

103. Gotten in a physical fight: not really

104. Drank alcohol: Yeah...

105. Fell asleep in a movie theater:Nope.

106. Driven a car: Yes *soft crying*

107. Been arrested: nope

108. Broken curfew: Yeah, often

109. Been pulled over when driving: Yes .. Grr!!

110. Farted in public: Yeah *blushes*

111. Met a celebrity: Nope

112. Skipped school: Yep

113. Went to a pro sports game: I think?

114. Met the president: No.

115. Been scared to get shot: Yeah...

116. Smoke a cigarette: Yep, it suckd

117. Gotten a cavity: Yep, it suckd

118. Done any drugs: Err... drunk is WAY better than high.. but i only tried once :P

119. Shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch: Nope.

120. Gone skinny-dipping: Nope.


121. Food: Too many to list

122. Drink: MudSlide, choco-choco, cream soda, root beer, smoothies, Red

123. TV show: Star Trek: TNG , powerpuff girls, gargoyles..

124. Movie: Dune.

125. CD: some of my burnt, or Metallica - Black Album ; n StaticX - Wisconsin Death trip ; And Rammstein - seinsucht; and From Here to Infirmary & Maybe I'll Catch Fire - Alkaline Trio

126. Song: to many

127. Color: neon-bright-pink, blue, red, black

128. Day of the week: none of the above

129. Month: December, February

130. Number: 1,2,5,7,13, and soixante-neuf

132. Favorite Car: Mustang :)

133. Cookie: chewy chocolate chip

134. Toothpaste: ick!!

135. Ice Cream: cherry, choclate, or vanilla.

137. Candy bar: 3 musketeerz

138. TV channel: TNN, SciFi

139. Radio station: 98.5/102.5/103.5/106.5/107.9

140. Artist/band: Metallica, Alkaline Trio, ICP, Rammstein, StaticX

141. Shampoo/conditioner: HeadNShoulders, MG-217, Herbal Essence

143. Website:

144. Sports to play: baseball? kickball?

145. Sports to watch: None.

146. Place: anywhere to cuddle, or has internet, or TimeCrisis II

147. Vacation spot: My Car :D

148. Kind of candle: Um.. wax?

149. Color eyes: bright blue, sexy green, or deep brown

Do You

150. Smoke? ick, no

151. Do drugs? not my fault!

152. Drink? a few tymes

153. Have sex? used to, like 2 years ago...

154. Sleep with stuffed animals? i have a big black pillow thing.. not an animal?

155. Have a crush? Oh good lord yes!

156. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? yes, Lauren

157. Have a dream that keeps coming back? um, not that i kno about

158. Play an instrument? Piano kinda :D

159. Read the newspaper? not really

160. Have any gay or lesbian friends? they are more aquaintance

161. Believe in miracles? Yes

162. Believe it's possible to remain faithful? Um, depends, but yeah

163. Consider yourself tolerant of others? kinda, not really

164. Consider police a friend or foe? Po?, i mean, foe

165. Like the taste of alcohol? depends, kinda.. *Shh..!*

166. Have a fav Stooge? nope

167. Believe in astrology? not really

168. Believe in magic? A lil

169. Pray? kinda.. i dont really kno how tho?

170. Go to church? not on purpose

171. Have any hobbies? Yes.

173. Go to or plan to go to college? bein there, done that, hav the T-Shirt ..

174. Talk to strangers who instant message you? Yes! Its Fun!!

175. Wear hats? sometymez

176. Have any piercings? Nope.

177. Have any tattoos? Nope.

178. Hate yourself? kinda, yeah

179. Wish on stars? kinda .. more wish, less star

180. Like your handwriting? its evil- super H4rDC0r3 evil ... but its kinda nice?

181. Have any bad habits? Yes.

182. Have a second family? Yes.

183. Trust others easily? not really, but yet yes.

184. Like sarcasm? o yea

185. Take walks in the rain? ick! water falling!!

186. Kiss with your eyes closed? Yes! its rude to stare!!

187. Sing in the shower? a lot of times.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*[email protected]

Things I Hate:

zombies00soccer moms


Chevy Corsica

ethnic'ness *Were all american, fsck you!*



zombie fog

getting caught

the fact you cant kill a zombie

girls who dont like me

girls who dont like being liked

girls who dont like me liking them

girls using me *but not in any of the fun ways*

girls who makes stupid excuses for shit then go against themselves a week later



people who sell there soul to get extra traits

waking up when the car gets too cold

having really good dreams interupted

waking up alone

old ppl

old ppl who drive slow

old ppl in fast cars

old ppl who think theyre cool cuz they kno what really happend in 1947


having nothing to live for

the fact that girlz want to be lied to, or abused, or both

and the fact i dont want to lie

and the fact the reason me n jill lasted 20 months is cuz i lied

and the fact it was ruined by the truth

and the fact she ruined my last relationship, and lies about it

zombies gaining recruits

not being kissed

or hug'd

or told that im acutally worth something


Things I like:

long hair on a girl

long hair in general

Pigtails. anywhere.

hot chicks

hot chicks wanting my jock

my car

sleeping in my car


not having reason to cry

hugging hot chicks

making out in general

hitting on kinda ugly/fat-or-hot chicks, and seeing them smile

driving my car

driving very fast







seeing hot chicks smile at me


using Military Phonetics

my cell phone


11-teen yr oldz



talking to a girl i like

caring about girls, and having that care returnd

bidding H4rDC0r3

winning a challenge

seeing fights



cherry ice cream

having a cool template

having a beautiful, perfect, g/f

knowing what to say when i girl talks to you



so that concludes this session, there will prolly be more/updates..?

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