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}{ ...In years to come it might make sense; Sweetness, Did You Foresee This **? }{

2007-03-10 // 5:21 p.m.

consecutive entries!! SPOOKY!!

I tihnk I figured it out... reading this comic "Kabuki" kinda helped me figure it out too...

...the irnoy that Laura's weird pet name that i dont like is "kabooki"


I'm gonna come home to Anna, that much was planned. I'll tell her whats up.. that i havta go to sac single one last time...
i go visit Laura, gauge her, spill my guts to her...
-- This is the part hwere I make a final decision --

..then I come back to san diego, to Anna.
Now you night wonder how thats possible? What if I choose Laura?
The chioce of "Laura" will be delayed, if it even does get chosen. One factor i left out - she has a b/f ... she wont just up and leave him. And if she does she confirms some of my worst fears.

See? I'm a genius!

Besides, I'm sick of weepy girlie entries anywas. My destiny is in my hands now, my choice, not theirs. If they are'nt for me then I move on.. Boo-yah! I Win, everytime.

And so out of all the possiblities, Anna wins out. Now, I cannot speculate for what happens three months later... much less a year or five years... who knows?
I do know I want Anna now(with possibly of forever), and I want Laura as a friend forever - this plan seems to achieve both goals best.

Wow. I'm psyched to go home now!! *lol* A couple days. Well, two full underway days after this one, then that morning.


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