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}{ Another spring, 2012 }{

2012-04-28 // 11:55 a.m.

This is intense. So much time passes, and no record exists. Ok, one does exist, on facebook.

So, If you just read the last entry, LAira scurred off into the arms of some other drugged out loser. Whatevs. She stopped calling me after I proposed.

Yeah, it was actually intended that way. Magnetic. You cant force two magnets together, increase the B field and force the other away... limit goes to infinity.

Sacrifice died too, but not my fault. Maybe ill get my shit together and rework it. Self-Publish. Not for profit, just for awesome.

Guess what? Its spring again. Brain chemicals going batshit, the usual. It almost boring now. Yep, gonna be attracted to anything that moves. Whatever.

Bought Sarah a ring. A real one at that. Can pretty much say case closed. Loan pre-approval specialist on the phone this morning, DE final in two weeks. Nothing exciting.

Oh, and once I have this anti-gravity thing figured out, ill prolly have to get this shut down or offlined or something... hate to deal with the press over silly things some child said a decade ago.

How steady and mundane things are... almost starting to prefer it though. Consisntantcy and whatnot. I guess the realization that far too many seriously awful things could be right around the corner, that my boring near-married surburban life is a comfort, not a prison. I know now that at any moment, I could stop having constitutional rights and be imprisoned indefinately.

Thats pretty intense.

And so I might start a polictical party, run for president, save the world. Be easyer if I had an anti-grav gunship or few. Dozen.

Anyways, I shoudl be doing homework.. so much homework...

::Dismantle }{ Recycle::

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