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}{ entry from the past ~ yeterday _! }{

2004-11-02 // 3:50 p.m.

so nothin has happened, today i went around mainly getting varios "sit and wait" asignments. w34k. chief talked to the detailer, seeing about getting orders fer me n brokaw... goddamn that kid sucks. anywayz, after work i fell asleep. had some weird dreams... i remember the end, like i was real drunk, and pretty cut up from.. somethin? and that guy from adultswim commercial 'angus black' was telling me his life story, and so i went to tell him myne, only at some point he became jordan, and tina was there, really hot too *???* and her eyes were different, only a little, but they were this brownish-uburn color, very bright tho, like there was a light behind them .... and i layd down cuz i was drunk... somebody else was there too.. maybe ffej, but i dont kno ... and i woke up.. i think they announced somethin opn the 1MC, which just so happens to be right next to my head. ... but oh well
i did nothing productive today. trm i havta get supplies, buy a pillow, change that money order, go online fer awhile, call gran and ppl, maybe call dad too ... *lol* but oh well
apparently canales is crankin', so its gonna be hard to ask him about emily... altho this could be good, forcing me to do my own recon. *lol* im kinda hungry, but im not really into spending cash right now... this laptop was quite expensive. oh, and that fool didnt look at the guide when he icked my AC adapter a best buy, so i think it fryed my other battery, which is why it was wiggin' like it was .... but its not doin it no more so im happy.
so yeah, nothin much goin on.


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