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2003-12-16 // 10:09 a.m.

call goddamnit!

yesterday was a lil fague ... the EMI isnt that bad.. havta muster mon, tues, and weds at 0430, and 0600 ... and that essay. it was funny, i dont kno how they reacted to it yet .. hopefully they laughed :P

today is fairly boring. class got easyer somehow, i guess now that we arent 'learning' but 'doing' .. lab is so fscking easy ...

no one commented on the haircut *or lack thereof* so i think im good to go.

not much else to report?

funny thing, even with my sarcastic essay, i went right into the office and asked to use Chiefs stapler ... im unstoppable *lol*

im also on a challedge, the class challedged me to eat 6 brownies in 45 seconds. too easy right? well, i guess they think its difficult, so ill go prove them wrong ... hehe

and then some brought up:

IF a train was going 60mph and their was a backwind of 60 mph, then wouldnt the plume of smoke go straight up? ... well, no, and i busted out the force-vectors on why. Thank you Mr. Gregory. heh. and then this kid who tinks hes smart, but really isnt, and is more annoying than i could ever try to be, trys to run up saying its 'the time is has to rise' that is why it went at these angles, not the forces at work .... he is also retarded. i, of course, belittle him on the spot without thinking about it ... i might have felt a lil bad... but no, he tryed to run up on me in a subject im good at. fuck him.

later ill be taking up the long-term challedge of cleaning these scratches off the whiteboard. hehehe.

almost time fer leave ...


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